Same Day Hard Relines

Same Day Hard Relines

At our dental office, we understand the significance of a well-fitted denture for your comfort and confidence. That’s why we offer the convenience of same-day hard relines for dentures, ensuring a snug and precise fit in just one visit. Our specialized team, equipped with advanced technology and expertise, swiftly performs hard relines to adapt your denture to the contours of your mouth, enhancing both functionality and comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort or looseness in your denture—our same-day service prioritizes your immediate needs, providing a refreshed fit that allows you to leave Black Hills Dentures, Implants and Urgent Care with renewed comfort and assurance in your smile.

denture with five dots of denture adhesive on it
  • What is a same-day hard reline for dentures?

    Same-day hard relining is a procedure where the hard acrylic portion of the denture that rests against the gums is adjusted or replaced to improve the fit and comfort of the denture.

  • Is a same-day hard reline suitable for all denture types?

    Same-day hard relines are commonly used for full dentures and some partial dentures. However, the applicability may vary depending on the denture’s condition and the material it’s made from.

  • What are the benefits of a same-day hard reline?

    This procedure offers immediate relief from discomfort caused by loose-fitting dentures, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit. It’s a quick solution for enhancing denture stability.

Are Your Experiencing Discomfort?

When your dentures aren't quite right and discomfort lingers, come to Black Hills Dentures, Implants, and Urgent Care—we're here to restore your comfort and your smile's radiance.

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