Same Day Custom Dentures

Same Day Custom Dentures

Experience our state-of-the-art dental practice’s convenience of same-day custom dentures. We know dentures may become necessary at any time, and our dedication to patient satisfaction motivates us to provide a prompt and effective solution. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and talented dental team, we can design and create custom dentures on-site in just one day. This accelerated procedure guarantees a precise fit and a natural appearance while saving you time. Our commitment to offering affordable, top-notch dental solutions that satisfy each patient’s specific needs and schedule is reflected in our same-day custom dentures. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting periods and hello to a same-day transformation that gives you confidence and a smile back.

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Our Denture Warranty

We provide an extensive 8-year warranty specifically for the premium dentures, safeguarding against any manufacturing defects. Additionally, we offer a 90-day "Patient Satisfaction Guarantee for Dentures and Partials," promising a refund if the patient isn't entirely content with their final dentures or partials. It's important to note that this warranty underscores our use of cutting-edge materials and technology, surpassing the quality of any 3-D printed or heat-injected denture available in the current market.

*Warranty covers the workmanship of the denture. Damages from accidents, loss, discoloration, misuse, changes in gums and bones due to circumstances such as remodeling or weight fluctuations, normal wear and tear, and outside alterations are not covered under our warranty.*
  • Are same-day custom dentures suitable for everyone?

    Same-day custom dentures are frequently a good option for people looking for a denture solution that can be completed more quickly or who need to replace a tooth right away. However, a number of variables, such as the patient’s oral health, particular dental needs, and case complexity, affect their eligibility for same-day dentures. The best course of treatment can be decided upon after consulting with our dentist.

  • How is the process different from traditional denture creation?

    Same-day custom dentures simplify the process by leveraging cutting-edge technology and an on-site dental lab, in contrast to traditional denture procedures that may require multiple appointments over an extended period of time. This guarantees a faster turnaround time and permits quick adjustments without sacrificing the dentures’ quality or personalization.

  • Can same-day custom dentures be adjusted or modified later?

    Absolutely, if necessary, custom dentures can be modified or adjusted the same day. The on-site dental lab enables quick adjustments, guaranteeing that any required adjustments can be made right away to improve comfort and fit.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about same day dentures contact our office, or schedule an appointment if you are experiencing any discomfort with your current dentures.

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