Interim Dentures

Interim Dentures

Interim dentures, also known as temporary or immediate dentures, are provisional dental appliances crafted to serve as a temporary solution while awaiting the completion of permanent dentures or as an immediate replacement after tooth extractions. These removable prosthetics are pre-fabricated based on impressions taken before tooth removal. Once teeth are extracted, interim dentures are placed immediately, providing immediate aesthetics and functionality. While they’re not designed for long-term use, they facilitate the healing process, protecting tissues, and allowing our patients to resume daily activities with restored aesthetics and some chewing function. These dentures might require adjustments as the mouth heals and changes, serving as an interim solution until the gums heal and the final dentures are ready.

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  • Are interim dentures comfortable to wear?

    Initially, there might be an adjustment period as the mouth heals and the dentures settle. Patients might experience mild discomfort, but adjustments can often alleviate this issue.

  • How long do interim dentures last?

    Interim dentures are designed for short-term use, typically around six months to a year. They serve as a temporary solution until the gums heal and permanent dentures are ready.

  • Can I sleep with interim dentures in place?

    It’s usually recommended to remove interim dentures while sleeping to allow the gums to rest. Removing them at night also aids in preventing potential damage to the dentures and oral tissues.

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