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$999 Dental Implant Special

At Black Hills Dentures, Implants and Urgent Care, we provide high-quality affordable dental care so our patients can always receive the treatment they need. If you are a new or existing patient and are in need of a dental implant, you can receive a single implant for $999 ($1,500 with crown and abutment) through our dental implant special.

We know many patients are concerned about cost, payment plan options, and insurance coverage when considering dental implants. Our staff is happy to work through these concerns with you so you can get the care you need.

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Dental Implant Process at Black Hills Dentures, Implants and Urgent Care

1. Free Consultation & Exam. To decide if dental implants are the right restoration method for you we will conduct a full exam, which will include the taking of a dental x-ray, and discuss your treatment options.
2. Tooth Extraction & Bone Grafting.  If any teeth require extraction, the procedure will be scheduled once a treatment plan is established. This will also require recovery time to ensure the site is ready for the implant procedure. Any bone grafting necessary to support the implant will then take place which will require at least a few months to heal.
3. Implant placement. Once the site is ready the implantation can take place. The implant will be placed into the jawbone and a healing cap will be placed over the implant. Regular check-ups follow this to ensure proper healing.
4. Implant healing. After your implant is placed, osseointegration begins. During this, your jawbone heals around the dental implant providing a solid base for your new artificial tooth. This process takes approximately 3 months.
5. Abutment & Crown Placement. Once healing is complete the abutment or connecting piece, and replacement tooth, or crown, can be placed.

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